About Us – Our History

The ‘Mind Our Rights Education Programme’, referred to as the MORE- P team, sits with the Royal Edinburgh Hospital Patients Council.

The MORE-P team was developed in conjunction with the Patients Council,  CAPS Independent Advocacy and Edinburgh Carers Council.

The Patient’s Council is an independent collective advocacy project for people who use or have used the services of the hospital and is the lead partner and responsible for the management of the MORE-P project and staff.

The MORE- P team consists of four educators and an organizer. Simon Porter of the Patients Council manages the team who bring a wealth of experiences, competencies and talents to the project with backgrounds in legal professions, community education, social care, mental health services, project management, training, nursing, lecturing, art and many more.

Like the Patients Council, what is unique about the team is their ‘lived experiences’ of mental health provision.

The funding for the project is for two years and comes from the Edinburgh Health and Social Care partnership.

What do we do? – We develop and facilitate Human Rights Workshops and presentations within Mental Health Service Provision in Edinburgh.