Workshop Outline

“Our Workshop usually lasts between 2hrs and 2.5hrs and we all work part-time so tend to carry out our training sessions on Thursdays or Fridays. It is useful to know a little bit about yourself/your team’s responsibilities and challenges when signing up, in order to enable us to tailor our workshop so it is more relevant/specific to your teams’ training needs.

Following an overview of current Human Rights Law, specifically in relation to Scottish Law, our workshops will focus around group discussions of lived-experience scenarios and how certain Human Rights have been breached within the scenarios/how similar breaches can be avoided in the future in real-life situations that participants are likely to encounter.

The objectives of the project/our training workshops are as follows:

    • To raise awareness and understanding of Human Rights
    • To focus on how and why Human Rights are important for EVERYONE
    • To highlight how changes in Human Rights law affect working and voluntary practice within mental health environments. 

We like to finish our workshops with examples of global good practice implementations and give participants a chance to ask questions/discuss issues further…”